My Shoulder Hurts – Do I Have a Vaccine Injury Claim?

Mild shoulder pain is a common side effect of most CDC-recommended vaccinations. The CDC advises that this pain should typically go away within a couple of days at most, and vaccine recipients generally should not experience any lingering or long-term effects. But, what if your shoulder pain isn’t “mild”? Or, what if it doesn’t go away? In some cases, vaccinations can cause shoulder injuries, and individuals who experience severe pain or other symptoms should both see a doctor and talk to a vaccine lawyer right away.

Vaccine Injuries that Cause Shoulder Pain

Most vaccine injuries that cause shoulder pain are classified as “shoulder injuries related to vaccine administration,” or “SIRVA.” These are injuries that result not from adverse reactions to vaccine ingredients, but instead from errors during the vaccination process. This includes errors such as using a wrong-size needle, inserting the needle at the wrong angle, or inserting the needle too high on the shoulder or too low on the arm.

There are several types of SIRVA, all of which have their own unique symptomatology. However, with all forms of SIRVA, shoulder pain is among the first symptoms. This pain will typically onset within 48 hours; and, rather than going away within a couple of days, it will typically get worse. It may also spread beyond the shoulder, and it may be accompanied by stiffness, limited range of motion and other symptoms as well.

Do You Have a Claim for a Vaccine Shoulder Injury?

So, if your shoulder hurts, do you have a vaccine injury claim? The answer depends on several factors that are unique to your individual circumstances: Did you receive a “covered vaccine”? Have you received a diagnosis, and is your shoulder injury severe enough to entitle you to compensation under the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP)? Do you still have time to file a claim? These are just a few examples of several questions a vaccine lawyer will need to address in order to assess your legal rights.

If you have a vaccine injury claim for SIRVA, you will also need to work with a vaccine lawyer to determine how much you are entitled to recover. Under the VICP, eligible claimants can receive financial compensation for:

  • Medical expenses related to diagnosis and treatment of SIRVA
  • Other SIRVA-related costs (such as prescriptions, medical supplies and transportation expenses)
  • Loss of income and benefits due to inability to work
  • Pain and suffering (up to $250,000 in damages)

If you have a vaccine injury claim for SIRVA, you will want to begin preparing your claim as soon as possible. You can get started with a free consultation; and, if you have a VICP claim, you can hire a vaccine lawyer at no cost to you.

Speak with a Vaccine Lawyer about Your Shoulder Injury Claim

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